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Blurring Boundries

If you have to strain to decipher what’s indoors and what’s outdoors at this John Newcombe Estates residence, then designer Lori Caldwell has done her job

San Antonio Magazine
Photography By: Matthew Niemann

To make the look and feel of indoor and outdoor uniform, Caldwell used the same “Café Noir” marble flooring everywhere, albeit with one important nod
to the reality of wet feet. “We added a sandblasted finish to the patio area to help with traction,” says Caldwell, whose company is Lori Caldwell Designs. The quest for uniformity extended to Caldwell’s use of Oklahoma Ledge Stone, which is prominently dry- stacked into column inside and outside. “The stone integrated an organic and modern vibe throughout the spaces,” she says.

Before the Parade Passes By

One happy family stumbled upon their dream house during The Parade of Homes

San Antonio At Home magazine

It was during the 2007 Greater San Antonio Builders Association Parade of Homes at Les Chateaux at The Dominion when one visitor fell in love. Little did she know when she went on the tour that she and her husband would end up buying one of the homes. But when she walked into the courtyard of a palatial house featuring a magnificent waterfall, the woman was simply smitten. The couple wasn’t even in the market for a house at the time: The woman was just a visitor, like thousands of others on the Parade tour. However, she took one look at the spacious Mediterranean-styled villa

Latest home trend raises the bar to pour you a cocktail

Gimme a double: ‘Mad Men’-inspired bars, drink carts

San Antonio Express-News
Edmund Tijerina
February 10, 2016

At the end of a tough day at work, coming home and popping open a beer or decanting a glass of wine is a great way to unwind, but sophisticates know there’s just something special about making a cocktail — and a boom in interest in home bars and bar carts has followed as a result. 

“Beautiful Homes of Texas” features Lori Caldwell Designs

in its selection of “THE FINEST DESIGNERS IN TEXAS"


An artist working with textures as her palette and interior spaces as her canvas, Lori Caldwell steers clear of what is currently trendy, preferring to work with natural materials to create timeless spaces where design and architecture meet in symbiotic harmony. Creating art on a blank canvas, she leaves her clients astounded with her intuitive designs that never fail to leave a space dignified, yet comfortable.

Rather than approach design with a cookie-cutter methodology so often seen in the interior design arena, Lori enjoys the challenge provided and inspiration derived from her competition. She approaches each problem from a unique perspective to create a distinct space reflecting the client's mental picture. "I believe a really first-rate designer can make an architect or builder," said Lori.

Broadening her design scope to her community and beyond, Lori Caldwell Designs is a member of the Greater San Antonio Builders Association. An acclaimed decorator, Lori has been awarded the "Texas Star Award" and received accolades from the Parade of Homes in 2001, 2002 and 2003. While recognized by the designation of "Best Decorator in Texas" from the Commercial Office Builders Association, it is the appreciation she receives from her clients for a job well done that truly defines her success.



2016 Best of Houzz - Client Satisfaction & Service

2016 Freshome - Best Interior Designers in San Antonio

2015 Summit Award - Best Interior Design 1.25 to 1.5 million

2014 Parade of Homes - Best Interior Design

2014 Summit Award - 1 million and up

2014 Star Award - Runner Up

2014 Best of Houzz - Service Award

2012 Summit Award - Best Interior Design 1 million and up

2011 Summit Award - Best Interior Design 1 Million and Up

2011 Summit Award - Best Interior Design 500k - 750k

2011 Star Award - Best Interior Design 550-1 million

2010 Parade of Homes - Best Interior Design, Best Furnishing, President's Award, People's Choice Runner-Up

2009 Parade of Homes - People's Choice Best Interior Décor, Best Furnishings

2008 Parade of Homes - Best Interior Decorating

2007 Parade of Homes - Best Interior Decorating

2004 Texas Star Award - Best Entry

2003 New Braunfels Parade of Homes - Best Interior Design, People’s Choice

2003 GSABA Parade of Homes – Tapatio Springs – Best Interior Design, Best Master Suite, People’s Choice

2002 GSABA Builders’ Showcase Expo – Best Interior Design

2001 BSABA Parade of Homes – Century Oaks – Best Interior Design, Best Master Suite, Best Kitchen, Best Furnishings, People’s Choice

2001 GSABA Parade of Homes - Summer Glenn – Best Interior Design, Presidential Award