Gumnut Grove

Builder: Mattern & Fitzgerald
Architect: Ed Urbanek
Photography: Matthew Niemann 

My professional approach for this project was to bring continuity from the exterior elements to the interior, and to select interior colors and furnishings to compliment the breathtaking art work done by Peter Lik. To achieve this, we used glass walls to separate the kitchen and outdoor living as well as to separate the living from the auto storage. Furthermore, we utilized the lighting fixture placement and LED lighting to highlight the architecture of the home that was designed around the lot.

The ledgestone that was selected to run on the exterior and into the interior, while it is a beautiful material, was a very technical material to work with. After many hours of labor to get the cuts and lay of the stone uniform and even, the finished product was worth the time to get it right. The final and challenging touch of adding the furnishings to bring in the many colors of all the art brought this particular project to a new level of inspiration and bold design.